Top 5% of Amazon UK Sellers - 5 Ways to Remove Negative Customer Feedback

Top 5% Amazon UK Sellers – 5 Ways to Remove Negative Feedback

By pure accident a colleague & friend stumbled across a market place article written by Market Place Pulse whilst on their lunch break. The article highlighted one of Relton Associates clients as being in the top 5% of Amazon UK sellers. In fact, they’re probably in the top 2%, and as you can imagine we were very pleased!

The article based it’s findings on a tool which ranks on two main factors; Sales Volume and Customer Feedback. You can read more about how we achieved sales volume in the case study: ‘From Zero to e-commerce Hero’. But if you want to find out how we manage the customer feedback then read on…

5 Ways to Remove Negative Customer Feedback

Amazon Best Seller - Top 5%

Amazon Best Seller – Top 5%

Naturally giving excellent and speedy customer service is key, but many of the negative company reviews can be removed from Amazon, if you know how. Better still, many of them can be removed within 3 clicks. Here are the top 5 Ways to Remove Negative Customer Feedback (or neutral):

  1. A review is about a ‘product’ and not your ‘service’
  2. The review is relating to price and not your service
  3. The review is only one word
  4. Reviews that make no sense
  5. The review incorporates a link or contact information

There are more examples but you’ll get the point. Just as importantly they are often dealt with swiftly by Amazon. I know, Amazon and swiftly don’t always go together! In this case however, it’s simply about knowing their systems and how to use them to ‘your’ best advantage.

At one time, when our customer feedback was as low as 92% for our (France) store, we turned it around to 100%. We turned this around within a week. This shows how important it is to address negative feedback and not to ignore it or think it’s too bad to turn around. You can turn it around.

In a blog article last year titled ‘The 3 click Amazon Feedback Secret that all top performing stores share’ we highlighted 80% of stores feedback that was languishing beloe 95% could be rectified.

If you would like to discuss your Amazon account with Relton Associates us the Contact Us page to get in touch…speak to you soon.