The OSCE SEO Strategy one year on

The OSCE Head Office – Vienna

The OSCE’s SEO strategy – one year on

In the OSCE’s SEO strategy – one year on case study we will be measuring ‘Like For Like’; April 2016 versus April 2017. One year on from when Relton Associates delivered the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy for the OSCE.

We measured a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), but here are a couple of highlights:

1) Key Objective – Increase the reach of

The objective was to increase the number of ‘Impressions’ for the OSCE website. An Impression is when one of your webpage’s is listed and shown on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), in this case we analysed Google, to a potential visitor.

It is crucial to set up KPI’s before you start any SEO work. By doing this the OSCE are now able to track their success and measure the websites improvements. The KPIs confirmed:

• Worldwide impressions saw an increase by +23% compared to April 2016
• Russia saw an increase in the number of impressions by +47% compared to April 2016
• Ukraine saw an increase in the number of impressions of +34% compared to April 2016

2) Key Objective – Increase quality of reach

The OSCE also had specific territories they wanted to reach to empower residents with factual information relating to its missions inside Ukraine and its monitoring of the Minsk Protocol.

OSCE fully translated into Russian website

OSCE fully translated into Russian website

Comparing April 2016 to the same month the following year the OSCE saw an increase of +93% or

referring websites sending them traffic. Most importantly the top three of these websites were all news agencies able to amplify the information related to the OSCE’s monitoring missions in Ukraine.

This is due to the full translation of the OSCE site to Russian (as opposed to the pre-existing partial translation) and applying SEO to this translation advised from the SEO strategy report. The news websites referring additional traffic are:, and


These are not all the Key Objectives the SEO Strategy Report set out to address, just a couple of highlights. There were many more benefits accrued from the OSCE implementing the SEO recommendations, including (but certainly not limited to):

• Significant increase in website traffic
• Streamlined internal processes & template provision
• Various guidance on how to leverage social media for SEO
• Highlighted relevant information to enable the content team to justify additional resource provision
• Provided KPI templates to be completed on a regular basis


Anyone who tries to tell you SEO is difficult to measure is wrong, there’s always measurements that can be applied to gauge success. The OSCE increased their overall number of impressions by an impressive +23% and this is directly related to SEO. The OSCE already had significant number of Impressions so the uplift was impressive.

It also resulted in an increase in traffic by +4.5%, which is another direct result of the SEO. Not only did they get more traffic, but the OSCE also improved the traffic quality and its overall reach, particularly in territories important to the organisation.

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