Multi Channel Marketing

When you leverage all your channels at the same time or in quick succession the results can be impressive. Multi Channel Marketing can quite literally make or break a campaign…and not just the digital channels but the offline channels too.

Music Industry Case Study – One Direction

One Direction’s (yep I did say One Direction) Direct to Consumer store sought promotion across all of the labels channels at the same time with very clear and succinct messaging. The first week showed a conversion rate of 2.7% leading to 7.0% in the fourth week. So what changed over the four weeks to have such vast change on the stores conversion rate?

  • Messaging went out through Social Media and on a targeted email which as you would expect attracted high volumes of traffic. However, the ‘click to buy’ message was not clear and when the visits were taken to the store the messaging had not previously qualified them.
  • As the campaign matured the messaging became clear and succinct and the Conversion rate increased dramatically. Fans expectation were being managed before they arrived at the store. The Conversion rate started from One Directions ‘Main site’ to the ‘Store’ with an increased conversion rate of +21.3%, the conversion rate from once within the store increased by +4.3%
  • By week four all digital channels were being hit with the same clear messaging showing great results and empowering the Fans to make an informed choice and ultimately a purchase

1D Case Study for Multi Channel Marketing

One Direction Case Study