Selling on Ebay

Selling on eBay on a large scale and becoming a Power Seller  needs process and an understanding of how the market place works.  You really need to know what you’re letting yourself in for as the eBay community is very strong and should be respected. However, anyone can buy or sell on eBay.

eBay differs considerably from Amazon. The eBay community is very much alive, they’ll sometimes bid more then something is worth ‘just to win’. Often referred to as ‘sniping’. They’ll often use automation tools to ensure they win, changing bids with just 1-3 seconds left to go on an auction. And everything is based around gaining/giving feedback, to ask someone for feedback on eBay is expected, whereas on Amazon it’s often considered annoying.

Unlike Amazon, which is faceless and built purely around the concept of ‘buying cheap’ and ‘process’, eBay is very much ALIVE. This means you will need to show exemplary customer service and be much more human. Now that’s not a bad thing, but it does mean you need to structure your business to meet the eBay community needs.

Selling on eBay will give you access to customer data and will allow you to start conversations directly with your customers. So whether you trade using your brand name or not, always drives an interesting conversation. With this in mind here’s some areas which you will need to give some consideration:

Selling on eBay considerations

    • Should you trade using your main brand or use a ghost brand?
    • What strategy will you implement outside of eBay with the data you’re acquiring
    • What product strategy will you run with? Will you look to list all your inventory online or just items over a certain value?
    • Are you offering multi-packs
      Best piece of advise for selling on eBay is to ’never forget your customer’. They’re at the centre of everything you do. Why not take a look at an eBay accounts we have set up for

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