Selling On Amazon

Before embarking blindly on Amazon there are a number of considerations you should take into account beforehand. These considerations will ‘save’ you and ‘make’ you money when deployed correctly. Selling on Amazon may be perfect for you, bringing in income and therefore enabling you to bring in revenue to assist you in growing the rest of your business. It could also drain your resources negatively effecting the rest of your business and your brand.

Here are some considerations everyone thinking of trading on Amazon should take into account.

Selling on Amazon Considerations

      • Will you be competitive enough to survive and get you products in Amazon’s Buy Box?
      • Will you pass Amazon’s security checks?
      • Are you able to upscale to make best use of the ‘economies of scale’ Amazon has to offer?
      • Will you still be able to attain margins that make you profitable?
      • Have you ensured you protect your current business and are using Amazon effectively?
      • Are your objectives realistic?
      • Are you using Amazon to the advantage of your business and not theirs

Did you know you can trade on Amazon under a different business name so as not to cannibalise your current brand? Often referred to as a Ghost Brand it enables you to trade under a different name, ensuring you don’t cannibalise your main brand but still allowing you to benefit from the 25 million active shoppers on Amazon. There are quite a few key bits of information like this that can make a positive difference to the way you trade and set up your accounts.

There are many accounts we have set up for Selling on Amazon, a couple of them are: Ultimate Health (for a Supermarket Chain) and O.T.C.Healthcare (for a pharmaceutical and healthcare distributor). They were both fully automated with; Inventory Management, Pricing (and Margin control) and an automated postage solution. Check them out to see what you could create for your your business.

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