Relton Associates and How We Work

Relton Associates is a team of subject matter specialists who can enable your business to grow without the need for hiring or using a traditional agency. It can also be a much more cost effective solution when your business is growing.

Key Strengths & Values of Relton Associates:

Reltonassociates - always transparent


Relton Associates will transfer it’s knowledge to your business and your team should you wish. Either through training, documentation or ongoing support. This is not always preferred as we can also manage these areas to enabling you to concentrate on growing your business. The important takeaway is we make it our business to empower you with information and not tie you to us in anyway.

Honesty is one of our major values


We want you to succeed, and being Open & Honest is key in the way we deliver your success. We will tell you what you might not want to hear, as at Relton Associates it’s about the job and we pride ourselves on ‘getting the job done’. We will always provide you with solutions, recommendations and the reasoning behind them.

Right Implementation - key of success


Strategy is vital, but it’s the correct Implementation is where it really matters. This is a key focus of Relton Associates as we consider it fundamental to being able to actually deliver results and the correct implementation is where you can really make the difference.

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We only use Subject Matter Experts for the various marketing disciplines required. If you need an Social Media Specialist, then that’s what we provide you with. Many of our associates have over 10 years experience in their chosen niche enabling them to add real value to your business.

Scalability - use only what your business needs


Only using what your business needs right now.
1) We set your strategy up in whichever marketing discipline (or multiple discipline) your business needs
2) Implement it
3) Hand it over for you to manage or keep running it until you’re ready to pull it in-house
Examples of Scalability & How We Work
1) Client A required an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Report with Global recommendations they could implement. Relton Associates delivered the SEO report.
2) Client B required 3,000+ products to be placed on Amazon. Relton Associates tested the environment to see if there was a consumer appetite to buy products from their portfolio. Once the case was proven, we launched proper and automated the whole process. Training documentation was also handed over to the business
3) Client B – As above but we continued to run the process for them and recruited an in-house specialist on their behalf so the business was self-sufficient and ran it itself enabling us to focus on the next stage in our strategy