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SEO, Content & Blogger Training

SEO, Content and Blogger Training

We offer SEO, Content & Blogger Training to your team.

From £240

There are three main areas to Search Engine Optimisation and what the search engines like Google are looking for…

Technical Setup

Ensuring Google and other search engines can find and crawl your website to enable them to serve up your content. Our; Are You Google Fit For Business? report addresses this.


Writing engaging and relevant content for your Target Audience can catapult your website up the search engine results. This includes images and videos. Type the keywords ‘Brighton SEO’ in to Google and you should find Relton Associates at the top of the natural search results.


Relevant Internal links, external links and above all links to your website will all benefit you. There’s definitely a right & wrong way to go about this though


Move up the search engines without the monthly digital agency fees.

Our SEO, Content & Blogger Training will enable your team to deliver excellent SEO articles time and time again. Easy to read content for your web visitors, that is easy to digest and just as importantly, easy for search engines to crawl and rank online.