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Digital Strategy and Marketing Plan

Digital Strategy and Marketing Plan

Relton Associates specialises in developing Digital Strategies. This is followed by a deliverable Marketing Plan outlining exactly what to do and when to do it. It gives your business focus and therefore results.

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Your Digital Strategy

No business has the same strategy, because no business is the same. Knowing which levers to pull and which digital channels to focus on can significantly speed up your chances of success. Online marketing is largely about trial and error, seeing what works for your business and what doesn’t. At Relton Associates we have this experience already and can help you leap frog your competitors.

Although we focus on Digital Strategy, as any successful marketeer will tell you, it needs to compliment and work seamlessly with your offline marketing too. This multi-channel approach (also known as Omni Channel marketing) is paramount to the success of your marketing plan. With this in mind, we deliver strategies with offline recommendations as well. This is assures you have an holistic approach, that’s focused on results.

Those results are measured by setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This ensures you’re achieving the best results for your business. Typically, we look to focus on garnering a Return On Investment (ROI), ensuring you make more then you spend. Sounds straight forward…but is often not the case.

Target Audience Analysis

We achieve the above results by determining your Target Audience. Who is your customer and who do you want to be your customer? Often, they’re not the same. We will:

  • look at your current performance and analyse your current performance
  • hold a Discovery meeting (or more if needed)
  • look at your Target Audience’s KPIs
  • look at the trade shows, magazines, Facebook groups your Target Audience is likely to read or be a member of
  • determine what time of year is important to them (i.e. do they have any reviews, year ends etc)
  • and much more

From this information we will pull together your Marketing Plan.



Your Marketing Plan

We will devise a Marketing Plan that targets your desired audience. Everything from placing the right advert in-front of the right person by Job title (or even name – all GDPR compliant of course), to a broader prospecting approach.

The most important aspect about the Marketing Plan is it is easy to deliver and easy to understand. A timeline of what to do and when. The Marketing Plan will give your business focus and confidence. It is also extremely helpful for budgeting too, if you haven’t allocated a budget for your marketing.