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CPA Model – Adwords, Display & Social Marketing

CPA Model – Adwords, Display and Social Marketing

Only pay for Commission for actual Sales

That’s right, you did read the header correctly. With today’s technology Search Engine Marketing is now available on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis. You will only pay a commission for an actual Sale. This is how Relton Associates ideally likes to work, utilising sound data for decision making wherever possible to negate risk and enhance the propensity for success.

Let’s break down just some of the channels this CPA model applies to:

CPA Model

Adwords and Shopping channels

The days when you give the management of your Google Adwords to an agency and pay them a monthly fee are on their way out. The CPA model is based on algorithmic and automated technology. It still requires human management, but we can now predict whether your product offering can work on a purely CPA basis before we even set up a campaign.

This model is not available to everyone as you will need to fulfil certain criteria, which are (but not limited to):

  • A large enough product range
  • A ‘searched for’ product range
  • A decent Average Basket Value (ABV)
  • A decent Conversion Rate (CR)

From: Commission basis only

Display Marketing

Display Marketing is serving up banners and adverts on other companies/people’s websites to drive traffic to your website with the view to making a sale. This is paid for media. The criteria mentioned in the Adwords and Shopping channels section on this page still applies. Display Marketing drives sales, but also gets your ‘Brand out there’. The latter in many instances can be just as influential and valuable when it comes to building your brand as the actual sale.

From: Commission basis only

CPA Model

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing campaigns rarely result in an ROI. The days of building a brand without spending significant investment have alas passed. Facebook will often focus on non-profit making KPI’s, I would even go as far to say they focus on non-engagement KPIs too. Popular Instagram personalities can often not-be-as-popular as they first appear too. Social Marketing can work wonders, but you will need to know your stuff.

There are industries where Social marketing works exceptionally well. Some that immediately spring to mind are the music, entertainment and fashion industries. You’ll need plenty of creative though to keep everything fresh, but a CPA model can definitely be applied to Social Media Marketing.

From: Commission basis only

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing was created on a CPA Model. Other websites referring traffic to your website in exchange for a commission when they buy. The criteria mentioned in the Adwords and Shopping channels section on this page applies again. You will be surprised which sites are actually working on a CPA basis. National Newspapers, Bloggers and Comparison website are just a few examples.

Typically, you will pay a set-up fee and a basic monthly management fee of £200-300. All other fees are all commission based

From £200pm or Commission basis only