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Competitor Pricing Analysis Tool

Competitor Pricing Analysis Tool

From £200pm

There are two main ways in which we leverage our Competitor Pricing Analysis Tool.


Know what your competitors are doing

Our tool compares your competitor’s pricing against your own enabling you to price better. There are three main areas it looks at:

  1. You are priced too low. This means you are leaving money on the table when you could be charging more and still making the sales
  2. You are priced too low. This raises questions on could you be buying better as your competitors may be getting different rates to you. Very useful to know.
  3. Is your pricing indifferent, could small tweaks make all the difference?

Are you able to compete?

Are you able to compete online? You may not want to hear it, you may not believe it, but if all the evidence is telling you your business pricing model cannot compete, you may consider whether competing online is actually financially viable. Or, if the margins are low, is it giving you a big enough Return On Effort (ROE)?

The digital World is highly competitive, with the likes of Amazon and its 25 million active accounts in the UK alone, it’s not an easy space to operate in. You may well find other areas of your business more profitable with a greater ROE. Deciding to focus on these areas may garner much greater returns

Whichever way you decide to use our Competitor Pricing Analysis Tool I a sure you will agree it’s extremely powerful and very informative