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B2B Prospecting – appointments guaranteed

B2B Prospecting – appointments guaranteed

B2B Prospecting – appointments guaranteed using LinkedIn.

All agree LinkedIn is a powerful social media channel for the business and corporate World, but few know how to use it to its full potential. Above all, to do it right can be expensive so why not bring in the experts?

You’ll need to do your homework first to leverage the channel effectively. Nothing too strenuous. With LinkedIn you have the ability to be extremely targeted. If you know an individual’s job title and the company they work for, you can place a specific advert right in front of them, practically by name. Now that’s extremely granular, too granular in most instances, but an excellent example of LinkedIn’s power.

Roll it back a bit to a list of job titles who are key decision makers and influencers when it comes to budget spend. Then add type of company vertical and you can create a pool of thousands of individuals to target.

It’s a numbers game. Coupled with some Target Audience analysis. Message key decision makers and influencers directly. Then you’ll be able open conversations with them and be able to make appointments, guaranteed. One month at a time, no long contracts.

B2B_Prospecting with LinkedIn
LinkedIn advertising

Here’s the highlights:

  • Guarantees between 7-20 sales calls per month with people within ‘budget authority’
  • Individuals are targeted by ideal customer profiling
  • The individuals express an interest in talking further with you
  • No long-term commitment, just requires 30 days’ notice

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  1. Discovery Call to find your as much about your business as possible
  2. Research and market analysis on your target audience before outreach begins
  3. Outreach based upon pre-approved messaging unique for your campaign
  4. Deliver sales call appointments

From £750pm